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April 25, 2006
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Future City by Xboxpsycho Future City by Xboxpsycho
Here is a render I made a while ago. It is supposed to be a futuristic city. I did this in Bryce 5

*Check out the rest of my gallery if you like this. Got a lot of newer stuff! Thanks!
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Red-Moon-Shadows Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah... That's exactly what I dream when I close my eyes...
I thought my spirit was strange, but it isn't, thanks god :)
Use as many lens flares as you like bro!!just ask J.J Abrams!Ive been trying to do work like this with sketchup for the drawing and shaderlight for the render.But Im always too scared to put it on ATS.Good work!
I meant deviant not ats
DevineDeviant Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi, I absolutely love your work, I imagine visions of the future all the time along with many other people around the world, and I can see similar scenes, there is a top quality website called which is full of conspiracy, Armageddon and end times prediction threads, hundreds of thousands of people use the message boards for civilised discussions every day, who are not artistic at all but they will connect with your artwork like it was one of there own visions, just as I have done.

I am putting together a thread for the website with an emphasis on the fact that if millions of people around the world have such vivid imagination, dreams and vision of the future, then surely looking beyond all the end of the world prophesy almost proves in a way that the future is still to come in one form or another.

I am asking you for your permission to feature your artwork along with around twenty other artists, on the site, in the thread, with strict instructions not to copy it, and with full recognition to you, so that people can appreciate the dreams and visions of others and perhaps look beyond the panic of the demise of the human race, with all the Armageddon discussion and be prepared to fight for a better way of life for all.

There is no financial gain or any other benefit for me or anyone else by doing this, it is simply to get exposure for your artistic vision, and help others take a look outside the box.

I will not feature your work without your permission and I will link you to the thread if given.

Kind regards, Ed
Indeed!ATS is a great site.I think over half the people there believe in aliens and vision worlds such as this one.And Im sure there are.
I have a great imagination but since Im no artist,its tough for me to put it down on paper.Per say.
Hi. The art is lovely. I would like to use it a background for my e-book Slepper Nine. Write me at
It's beautiful. I would like to use it as the background in the cover of my ebook Sleeper Nine. Email me on
The purple hazy sky is perfect for depicting the 25th century in my book "Cruel Twist of Fate". May I please use this to promote the book while I'm writing it? If no one else options it by then, I might like to use this as cover art for said book.

e-mail me on
Amazing dude! It's really thought provoking! :)
Can I use this please? It's for school, we're making a magazine and mines on the future. I'm doing a page on artist's perspectives on what they think the future will be like, I'll give credit for sure! ^^ Can I please use this?
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